Nutrition online training

In this course learners play the role of a doctor or a nurse in a feeding program. During three months, they will have to make decisions about diganosis, treatment and monitoring of several children. Through friendly animations, the course replicates with precision the functioning of a day to day center.

Mass Casualty Planning

In this course you take the role of an MSF staff member going on a mission to a fictitious North African country called “Naktur” that is currently in conflict.  During the story you will meet and receive briefings form key characters involved in Mass Casualty Incidents.
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An Ebola educational game for health workers. Is it possible to learn about the right decisions in an ebola epidemics by using a digital boardgame and other minigames?  Try the first scenario of this engaging game.  Click here to play !.

Pingu, your orchestra director

An educational video game for people of all ages to learn about the sound of musical instruments. A music track plays in the background, and the user must identify the instruments that are playing at a given moment, throwing them onto the panel. Other penguins try to steal the instruments, making the task more difficult-

Young Bach

'Young Bach' is essentially a video game, but it is also a learning material with a very specific educational objective: to provide a glimpse into Bach’s music using the popular video game format. In this sense, the game is an excuse for reaching the ears of groups that would otherwise not be interested in Bach or his music. Additionally, Young Bach introduces the player basic melody composition, since advancement in the game requires the player to listen to a simple Bach piece, and replicate the sound using a small piano.

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FinCO: Training (MSF - Doctors Without Borders)

A course to improve the competence of MSF Financial Coordinators who are active in various countries.
The course is a game-simulation based on the classic characters of Playmobile. Students take on the role of Financial Coordinator for one year in Guinea Bissau, where they face challenges often encountered in their field work. The following video gives a brief introduction of the simulation as well as a concrete activity that takes place in the office of Guinea Bissau.
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Energy Saving

The objective of this game is to save as much energy as possible in diffferent scenarios: the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen, etc.

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The objective of this game is to help Fatou recover from malnutrition and other malaria issues. The player will have the role of a Community Health Worker and will have to make the right decisions for Fatou to recover, accompanying her to the hospital, the primary health centre and her own community.

Matching pairs

Learn about trains with a game where you will have to match pairs.

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Spot the differences

Learn about trains in Europe by spotting the differences between images.

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Nature puzzles

Play with different puzzles and discover environmental facts in Europe. For each puzzle you will find several difficulties as well as assets to solve the puzzles.

Board games

Malaria & Nutrition board game

This educational game is addressed to medical staff working in areas with malaria and nutritional issues. Throughout the game players will have to make decisions and use the appropriate cards to deal with the case of Anika, a five years old girl with malaria.

The game can be played with two groups and incorporates different types of mechanics to make it more engaging

Influx of victims board game

In this educational game players will be facing a situation involving a war conflict. Due to recent bombings, hospitals are receiving victims with very different physical conditions. Players will have to organize the flux of victims, make decisions about who to treat first, coordinate with other health centers, etc. engaging

Training Project Medical Referents

The objective of this game is to train Project Medical Referents by making them reflect about the different strategies that can be applied to contexts with specific medical needs.

In this game they will play with lots of assets, including legos, cards, tokens, etc. in order to creatively define their strategies and actions.

Design your training flashcards

A game-based set of flashcards that will help content authors and subject matter experts to make decisions on how to select and design the most engaging activities for a particular training.