About me

I have been professionally practicing in the field of ICT since 1999. For almost 15 years, I worked as part of the staff of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), for almost four now at Doctors Without Borders (MSF). My career has been varied in terms of roles and projects, covering a wide range of responsibilities in national and international projects (that of project manager, instructional designer, researcher, teacher,  etc.). As a result, I have a fairly broad vision and understanding of the e-learning ecosystem, and have a series of competencies that make me flexible and creative in working with other professionals.

My main e-learning interests are: creating educational experiences that incorporate aspects of gamification and storytelling as well as working in projects with social and humanitarian impact.

I'm proficient in using tools such as Articulate Storyline, Google apps, Photoshop  as well as various video and audio editing tools. I am also skilled in LMS, and tools such as Construct2 for creating video games. In other words, I have enough of the necessary skills to fully develop the process of creating and materializing a course: management, instructional design, scripting, multimedia design and technical implementation.
Interested in contacting me for projects related to the design of educational board games or video games?